14 May 2007

doubts, I've had a few

Hey look, what about the private health fund television advertisement onslaught? What gives? Well, apart from an imminent election, I mean.

We are being sold the whole kit and kaboodle all over again. We have to have the private health funds because there isn't enough money for public health. And we have to subsidise the private health fund because otherwise no one would use them and we'd have to give the money to the public health system.

And we have to threaten you to join the private health system by putting a loading on your contributions. And we have to set everyone up against everyone else - you wouldn't want to be subsidising those freeloaders, would you? Heck, they could be Muslims. Or worse, Labor voters.

And of course the private health funds go to extraordinary lengths to make it difficult to compare allegedly similar offerings so we're going to pay someone to compare them for you.

Hello? Like every sector whose companies used to just offer services but are now in competition. Are you going to set up a system where someone compares offerings from energy companies, telecommunications companies, all the other bloody services we used to get at a reasonable price and without cold callers ringing you up right on roast lamb time to sell you something you've already got. And that's leaving out where we always had compettition, such as insurance.

Fuck this, the whole world is going plumb insane.

Guess who this is: "We don't want to do anything that gives any skerrick of comfort to Mugabe's regime". Here's a hint - it's a voice like fingernails down a blackboard. Here's a hint for you, you twat: Invade. That's what you did last time, isn't it? What's different now? It's cricket, for crying out loud, this is serious.

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JahTeh said...

My sister got clobbered with a huge tax bill because of bracket creep which means she now has to pay $30 a fortnight extra to cover medicare or get hit with the extra every year.

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