06 June 2007

bits and pieces

(I'm in) bits and pieces, as the Dave Clark Five used to sing. Jeez, has it been a week since I last put finger to keyboard? Sure looks like it. And a start like this can only mean a "what I've been doing for the last week" post, undoubtedly the most missable of all.

The political process hasn't got me down but, as Ms Fits has on her blog, I just hope that Kevin doesn't fuck up. Actually I think that's unlikely, but whether the same can be said for the bruvvers of the union movement, I can't be so sure. You would think that they'd have the sense to put a sock in it for a couple of months, wouldn't you? Nah, that's actually too much to expect. And Sharan Burrow, for fuck's sake.
What a stupid stunt. Nice piece of framing by the Oz, though.

As I scan the lead paragraphs on the OzPolitics feed, I see many expressions of outrage at something that apparently Tony Abbott has said, along the lines that he can't understand whey everybody is swooning over his most immaculate government. The leftosphere goes into predictable sniggerations. Me, I think: "What's he up to?" He may be a god-bothering bully but he's not entirely stupid so, what's his game? Just doesn't add up.

I actually got an invitation today to some function in Sydney that he'll be officiating at. Unfortunately it coincides with toenail trimming day but I will send a spy to see what's up. In fact, I doubt I could trust my own self-restraint if he uses an ostensibly routine opening-of-a-thing function to bag Labor. He should just save that for the SMH, after all it must be news if it's in the newspaper.

So, politics. Breathe in, breathe out, trust that a flood of common sense will wash over Australia just as this rain, hallelujah, is washing over SE Qld. Of course our tank hasn't been installed yet so all the water is going down the drain. I heard a story yesterday of some people whose tank was installed the day it started raining. Timing is everything, as they are wont to say.

Speaking of which, I see it's nearly 9.30 which means it's time for
Grunt Files on Briz31. If there's anything that stirs my blood, it's the sight and sound of beefy blokes destroying massive quantities of tyres just because they can. See you soon...

a little while later...

Aaah, much better. I love the interviews. Some people are unable to combine undoubted technical and manual ability with the capacity to put three words together, but others are very quick on the uptake too. One bloke was asked when he was going to grow up, to which he retorted "I'm never going to grow up."

I can relate to that.

The sound of massive V8s trying to tear their insides out is a bit of a change from this arvo, when the team and I were talking to room full of researchers at a local university. These folks are heavily into gene therapy and similar techniques aimed at improving the quality of life for people with bone diseases, accident damage and the like. Such as one might sustain in a car accident, I suppose. We're aiming to try and link companies with research projects that they may be unaware of. It's really rewarding when you can bring people together and watch the interest and intensity build. Doesn't happen all the time but it's great when it does.

Which rather all adds up to a what I've been doing this week post. Bugger, missed it by that much.

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JahTeh said...

Why send a spy? Just send the toe nail clippings, they're on his level.

Verification, frkku, how terribly appropriate for Abbott.

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