17 June 2007

you take the low road

Much easier than actually having to think, devise and polish a post is to just point to someone else's. So sit back, loosen the seat belt a tad and enjoy - sort of - the ride as My Favourite Tory, Jeremy Clarkson, gives you chapter and verse on road design, the state of Britain and what's wrong with most other people.

You will note by the time you've reached the end of his piece that, although it is ostensibly a road test of the Mitsubishi Outlander, there's only one sentence which says "don't bother."

Quite so. We had an Outlander for the recent holiday in Tassie and it was ideal. Because Tassie is so breathtakingly beautiful, it helps to have a car in which there is nothing inside of any interest. Also, despite sewing-machine-like quietness it was as a gutless as a bucket of amoebae, giving you plenty of time to look out the window.

Even while driving.

And appropos of Lamborghini Gallardos, there was one parked at the rear of the local noshery than Mrs VVB, a mate and I visited on Friday night. And a bunch of young blokes having a smoke and a yarn outside the kitchen. On questioning, one claimed it was his.

Either the restaurant is doing exceptionally well or someone's in a slightly different game. I looked at the young blokes and my money's on the latter.


R.H. said...

Hello squire. I take it you support feminism, gays, aborigines, refugees, social justice and so on. I take it you support civility. So why would you insult me and thousands by using the weasel term godbotherer?
Let's know

Location: Treeless Western Suburbs. Melb.

phil said...

Reciprocals, etc, RH. I have no problem with people who have faith and keep it to themselves and their circle. I take it this is you and I've offended you - for which I'm sorry.

On the other hand, I have no time for proseletysers and in particular Mr Abbott who wants to impose his particular faith and its component parts on the general populace. We are not a theocracy and I resent his attempts to slide us towards being one.
I hope this explanation addresses your concerns - you may not agree with my view but my apology to you is genuine.

R.H. said...

I think you're exaggerating. I've heard no theological spiel from Abbott at all, but if I looked hard enough I might find some. And so if he is in fact guided by some sort of personal morality then what do you want him to do, conceal it? Do you want frankness from these people or what? Every politician is pushing some barrow or other, and a lot of them are downright crooks. Meanwhile the people who are really plotting to control you are advertisers, who employ top psychologists to do it.

I've got nothing to say about Christianity to anyone. The actual proseletysers are people who hunt about for Christians everywhere and can't shut up about it. They find thinking too difficult. When something's not to their liking they discover the Church behind it, rather than the capitalist dogs who actually dominate them. They take pains not to offend muslims who slice people's heads off, but don't mind saying godbotherer as a slur on Christians. And all the time they're claiming to be liberal. What a joke. They're more shackled than anyone.
So anyway, thanks for the apology, but I wasn't looking for it.
Just don't become a Christian. You'll lose all your friends.

phil said...

Well Abbott was trained by the Jesuits and if what I read about 'em is correct, he's trained to conceal.

You're probably right about advertising, you certainly can't claim that religious 'advertising' is subliminal.

I don't need to hunt for Christians, I know they're out there. And I don't think cutting people's heads off is anything but barbaric, but I do believe all religions contain btoh believers of good faith and extremists who misuse their religion.

You've pushed me out of my comfort zone, I need to get back to Howard-hating.

R.H. said...

Of course people misuse it, and if there's hell they'll be first down the chute, along with clairvoyants and other quacks.
Church politics and gossip and so on are a bore, an irrelevence. To me, anyway. But that's what you get with a hierarchy. You get hubris. Christian-phobes as well are never short of it.
And I'm not talking about you, but I do wonder what some of these grumblers will do when they aint
got 'the rodent' to kick around anymore (just as 'Dirty Dick' said -about Dirty Dick, thirty years ago).
Here's something a bit funny, and true, I went to a mate's place today and he wasn't home, so I went in and helped myself to a feed from his fridge, then I left, leaving him a note: "I came, I saw, I pilfered." I must have got the idea from this post heading.

Anyway, all the best to you, and thanks.

Ann ODyne said...

VVB - I am about to delete all my links so RH (who has no blog of his own) can not use them to visit MY BLOG PALS and start up this ridiculous pro-Christian ranting.
He has doneit at too many of my links .

WE ALL know already that Christianity is a fine ethic.
He must not be following Ned Flanders experience is all I can think.
Get your damn shit together RH - when a blogger says GodBotheres, he means HYPOCRITES.
he does not mean the good ones.
fer Chrissakes.

R.H. said...

Why are you saying all this? I've never ranted about Christianity in my life.
And where on earth are these links you're talking about? I've visited TSP from your blog, that's all, and don't remember even mentioning Christianity to her.
'Godbotherer' is insulting. Phil can see that, and I'm sorry you can't. But let's forget it, okay? I've quit your blog.

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