15 June 2008

aalice's restaurant

You want to read a review of a restaurant, but you find it contains these words: "I’m perfectly aware of exactly how interesting and attractive a middle-aged, invalid penis is."

Don't tell me you don't want to click through to find out how.

Alright then, how about "...a mincemeat hernia in a bread roll..."

Off you go.

If you don't like Gill you can try Giles Coren, presumably son of Alan Coren, a former editor of the lamented Punch and author of Golfing for Cats, a copy of which still resides in my bookcase.

Here's a taster: "...their arses bulging against the dumpling walls like stolen babies stuffed in a pillow case." Guess what he's talking about.

Alert - it's awfully snobby, young Mr Coren demonstrates that, similar to political ability, being funny can't be inherited.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

we have been watching him, leavened by the very funny lesoComedienne Sue somebody, in Supersizers Go ... Edwardian etc.

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