13 June 2008

lost in a lost world

Do you see what I see I wondered a little while ago, alluding to the tendency to read our own desired beliefs in any notional randomly independent issue.

One of the things that I see is the greater ability of the 'left' - as so defined from any eon to any random minute - to see flaws in their own team than the right/conservatives in theirs.

It's a rubbish argument of course, but:
  • a) it's Friday night; and
  • b) go to post number 1 and remind yourselves that I promised you neither robustly argued positions nor a rose garden.
Anyway, in a small but fitfully growing list of anecdotal references in support of this dodgy hypothesis I give you Peter Martin. Many of his previous posts have to do with economic issues seen from a social democratic or 'leftist' view of the world, but increasingly his posts are critical of the current Federal government, a government whose outlook we would normally expect him to support.

After this entirely baseless assemblage of generalisations, I then ask you to try to remember an Alan Wood column that was critical of the previous Federal Government.

In the absence of any responses, even given that I haven't posted this piece yet, I rest my case and go "nnnyyah".

Particularly because, as a result of very slow typing, I'm another glass or so through the bottle.

This, as the saying goes, proves it.

In other news, it's been a long time since Mrs VVB have been reunited and I look forward to next time we see each other. And blow me down, that was her then on the phone. Must be mutual, or something.

Earlier on in the bottle, I was thinking that a nice first for VVB would be a reflective piece on...on...something that seemed important at the time. Why do we do the things we do? Why do other people do the things they do? Why don't we do the same things?

It's a miraculous relief that the moment of inspiration has passed, because it was truly a very small piece of inspiration.

It was probably related to the hope that the impending mutation of Chateau VVB into VVB-by-the-sea turns out to be a good move. Many of the portents were, and are, positive but there's some current stuff that makes you think "geez what have we done?"

So the trick is to focus on the positive: things will work out for the best, we will establish ourselves in VVB-by-the-sea and sip pina coladas while te]he sun goes down.

Although the sun will go down behind us - and the house - rather than as we gaze at it. This is only a minor inconvenience.


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