08 June 2008

remember the days of the old schoolyard

Today's Sunday Mail carries a mildly hysterical little piece on how children and their parents are having trouble dealing with a rating system that indicates that some children might be performing better than other children in the same class.

Hmm, I remember many years of half-yearly exams which carried out exactly the same function. I've been ruined for life although not as ruined as my parents thought after I once came 7th.

Anyway, anything we can do the Japanese can do better so sit back, pull up a comfy chair and enjoy
this story. As one commenter pointed out, it is indeed a shame that there wasn't a picture, not least because it raises the spectre of a bit of a furphy or urban myth.

And here's something else that the Japanese -
well apparently, according to Jeremy - do better. However I'm with Johan from Bruges (see the comments) which is why, although the new VVB-by-the-sea lacks sufficient garaging or even parking space, there will be a TR6 or something similar in the drive - or on the grass - as soon as I can arrange it.

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That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

I remember in primary school they used to make you sit in order of the position you came in class for the duration of the term - with the smart ones up the back and the er, less able, at the front. Daily humiliation - and not THAT long ago.



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