21 June 2008

a hazy shade of winter

It's the winter solstice and someone I know very well should have been holding a housewarming tonight. Oh no, that should have been last year, no? Or was it 2006?

Anyway mate, when it does happen we'll be there. When's the next Olympics?

It'd be kind of cool to do some analysis of the 'right-wing' blogosphere ever since we got a 'socialist' government in Canberra.

Socialist? As if. But even so I have the perception that there's more heat and noise from the right-ish end of the 'sphere than before. This is just going on the daily scan of Ozpolitics so it's a sample size of one and a not dispassionate sample at that.

But it wouldn't be surprising if it were so. Remember the lead up to the 2004 election? When Back Pages held sway amongst a slew of 'left and left-ish' blogs, Tampa and the Pacific Solution were still fresh and there was substantial reason to rail against Howard and his government?

Now the boot is supposedly on the other foot, in the most simplistic interpretation, so it's not hard to imagine the depth of feeling and need to rail by "those opposite".

Possum (well, it actually seems to be Graeme Langlands who was popularly known as Changa) has some good analysis of a couple of those leading the charge and the comments that follow are immensely good, with one exception, perhaps. It's not a need to rail according to Possum but something altogether more sinister.

This is definitely a 'watch this space' issue. In the US, the Obamaramarangadangadingdong show has embraced the power of Web 2.0001, so another independent variable is the ongoing maturation of the blog world.

What will we have in Australia when Kevin 0-0 goes to the polls next?

Here's an idea, let's have a party on Bribie. The house should be ready.

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