28 June 2008

fun fun fun

Big black tie 'do' here last night so I had to get myself some new black tie. Until we started cleaning out Chateau VVB I did still have a formal coat, but as it dated back to about 1974 it would have been a bit squeezy and the wide, wide, brocade lapels might have been a giveaway. More tellingly, it had rested on a wire hanger since I last wore it in about 1986 and so the shoulders had gone a bizarre shape.

What I shouldn't have done, of course, was include a perfectly serviceable cummerbund in the old ties and stuff that went into the charity bin.

Anyway I got a new suit that I suspect will get enough use to justify buying rather than hiring.

Being a still relatively recent arrival it's nice that I know enough people to be able to join the throng unaccompanied - as Mrs VVB is yet to join me here - and find someone to talk to. It was a good night and because I've learnt to sip water while hoovering down the red I wasn't too unwell this morning.

I can even remember most of the commitments/agreements to do stuff that I made last night. I just need to note them now so I don't forget before Monday.

Drove past what will become VVB-by-the-sea this morning and can't wait until we move in. The new job is too demanding for this to be a proper sea-change but maybe in time that's what it will turn into.

That's the plan, anyway.

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