09 June 2008

do you see what I see?

Of the many, many things I didn't like about John Howard, one was the perception that he was always snarling and scowling but moreso always 'on' as Prime Minister. Well, the story was that he'd wanted to be PM since he was ten years old, so you can imagine that once he was PM, he didn't want to miss a minute.

Anyway with today's Queen's Birthday honours there he was again and the networks obliged by showing him power walking and scowling, haranguing and snarling and generally looking quite dislikeable.

Whereas with PM Rudd you get plenty of the technocrat but you also get pictures of him genuinely relaxed, even in the company of the people noticeably different to him (and us).

It's all in the eye of the beholder, isn't it?

Unless he gets the wheels back on pdq he's shaping up as a bit of a disappointment, but he's certainly better than the current or recently deposed alternatives. And it's nice to see a PM who is multidimensional, who can adapt to his environment and those around him and be himself. We never saw that in Howard except when he was putting the fear of god into the country about one thing or another.

He needs to get a rocket under his Cabinet, although I doubt they'll ever reach the capacity of the first Hawke ministry whom the old man dubbed "the best Liberal cabinet ever."

Those were the days.


Ann O'Dyne said...

when all the Howard Queen's Birthday Award news assaulted us with that sulky whining clenched eyebrowed face AGAIN after our rest from it, the comparison with KRudd was alarming.
I am just relieved that the sight of Our Fearless Leader's face, no longer makes me feel sick.

One thing that had better happen PrettyDamnQuick is that Mrs PM needs to spend some of that $170mill we are always reminded she has, on pulling herself into a good look against the day Hubby has to meet Mr & Mrs Sarkozy.
The photos will be tragic if she doesn't start now.

phil said...

Or PM Rudd could adopt a French leader's custom and take himself a mistress.

That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

I'm seeing a few too many similarities with the early days of the Blair Government for my liking, not least of all the impatience with the public who would like to see money replace mouth sooner rather than later.



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