15 February 2009

all you need is love

Well, actually not. What you need is money but once you've got a lot of it, the love bit gets somewhat more difficult.

Or so it would seem if you read
this AA Gill piece.

What's really good, as always, is the comments section.

Likely to be a busy week, continuing both recent and longer-standing trends in the workplace. But the upshot is likely to be no VVB until next weekend.

I've got more ginger beer fermenting: well I hope it's strating to ferment. Will see tomorrow.


Sam the Dog said...

Barely relevant aside: just starting drinking some stout that I put down at the start of December.


phil said...

very relevant. Kit beer or your own recipe. I'm still stuck on kit stuff as even then I can't get consistent results. eg the ginger beer in fact hadn't strated, I had to drop some more yeast in - it's going OK now.

I'd love to try some additions/vaieries to my beer but don't have the confidence, based on results to date. Should just do it I guess.

Sam the Dog said...

Still doing kits. Used to do it years ago, but only started again last year. Hopefully I will get my act together and start working on recipes later in the year. :)

All's going well so far. Got a stout and a lager that are now getting ready to drink.

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