27 February 2009

A conservative dissects the role of lowbrow conservative talk radio in the US:

Taking the conservative project as a whole—limited government, fiscal prudence, equality under law, personal liberty, patriotism, realism abroad—has talk radio helped or hurt?
Ah yes, only conservatives are patriotic. You're obviously correct, thanks a bunch.

There's actually a bit to like in the essay, apart from the occasional wooden-eared phrase such as the one I've picked out above where a lapse into laziness results in a net lessening of human understanding. But I've read worse.

This comes, of course, via Bookforum where, after an exceptionally busy day and a quick round of the Aussie blogs reveals insufficient grist for mill, there is enough grist to keep me going until slumber beckons. But it's killing my eyes.

So the dilemma becomes: do we post this now, or wait and look for another morsel with which to regale you?

Regale? I'm up myself, no doubt. But let's just see what other tidbits there might be, shall we?

..........7 minutes later:

The case against Judas Priest was eventually thrown out in 1990 when the judge realized it was completely fucking insane. The panic would have continued, but, luckily, the CD was invented; making backwards messages impossible to hear. Then gangsta rap hit the mainstream and suddenly parents wished they could have the backwards Satanism thing back.

Hey, accuse us of all sorts of things, but at VVB we do specialise in eclectic...

The cataclysm of 1xxx was partly due to a lack of imagination, a catastrophic
failure of what novelist Robert Musil called the sense of possibility.
Finally, we get to:

It’s blogging, captain, but not as we know it.
Well, it probably is, but let's not split hairs here. I'm sure there are lots of linky goodnesses in that last one, but I'll leave you to seek 'em out for yerselves.

This is post number 700 and who would have thought, some three and a bit years ago, that we'd still be at it. Blogging, indeed as we do know it. It occasionally gets a bit tedious and often gets summarily shoved aside by whatever garbage I've brought home from work to stumble through, but there are times when the joy of publishing, the very realisation that various odd, and some extremely odd, people are out there having a riffle through what pass for my thoughts.

And with that: the weekend has begun. Time for another beer. On reflection, make that a vino collapso. With the wine we need some music, n'est pas, so let's get down and get with it.

Keep on rockin'!

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