22 February 2009

i wanna live the real life

The MSM and the blogosphere are all over the Costello thing and the current trials of the Libs. Not much attention is being paid to their Coalition partners the Nationals, although this article does touch on that particular element of the Coalition's current 'issues'.

We got a issues. Boy do we ever. I imagine I'm not alone in thinking that, in office, Kevin07 has fallen a bit short of our hopes and dreams. Then again, Howard's first term wasn't covered in any glory and he nearly got ousted at his first defence (damn! damn!). But the current Australian Government is by far the preferable choice right now, and for quite a while yet, I would contend.

I didn't think I'd run across anything that could add to the ongoing story. While my day was improved immeasurably by reading John Hewson's WWE
takedown of Costello - and then tempered by the inevitable Glen Milne piece which, in a boringly predictable fashion, focused on Turnbull's failures as a way to promote Milne's hero, Costello, by implication.

Most of it's been on the money - I was very, very taken by Hewson's piece which simply brought out into the open what
seemed to have been common knowledge amongst the policy and political wonk 'elites' - but any article which implies Costello was as good at his job as he'd like everyone to believe ("Costello embodies the lost era of competence and assuredness") essentially shoots itself in the foot in my book.

Wonder what the real people are doing?

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