07 February 2009

bad news

Today's Courier Mail carries a number of stories that piqued my interest. Sam the Dog picked up on the lady giving away a car to try to help sell her house. Other morsels?

Of course the dust-up between Michael Clarke, destined for Australia second-highest office (captain of the cricket team)) since he was selected, and Michael Katich is big news. As is the possible influence of the WAGs (wives and girlfriends). 'twas never the case back when Richie Benaud was captain, eh? Anyway, former team member Jason Gillespie said:

"I am very disappointed that this got out (ie into the news), Gillespie said. It is not the done thing. I am not worried about scuffles - that can happen in any team or workplace."
There you are then. It's perfectly normal to resort to physical violence in any workplace. So I'll try to stay away from any doctor's surgery or operating theatre, then, in case a couple of them decide to sort it out like men.

No, Jason, wrong.

Students are being told not to give up on their 'dream jobs' as the economy tightens. This affects VVB Sea directly, as one of the offspring lost their job just after having obtained the requisite tertiary qualification and a good position. Fortunately that offspring has a second string to the bow which brings in some money, but our fear is that when growth returns, it'll be the new grads taking the places and all the study will have been in vain. Let's hope not. Not least because the HECS debt is still there in all its glory.

The Courier-Mail also carries a story from the UK's Daily Mail - another Murdoch channel and hardly the pin-up for informed journalism - about Tony Blair's call for "religious faith to its rightful place, as the guide to our world and its future, as itself of the essence."

To give him him some latitude, he does not confine his invocation to a Christian god, but you can imagine how his words will be interpreted once that distinction is inevitably lost and it's Christians first, all others to the rear.

So, from the man who knowingly and willingly participated in the lies that led to an invasion that killed who knows how many innocent people, we should just submit to the "...guardianship of faith in God."

I tell you, words escape me. In 1997, he represented hope. But his relentless government-by-targets and dissembling just put him beyond the pale. The danger that these types of people represent, they should undergo psych profiling before we let them put their electoral deposit down.

Finally, the Bernie Madoff scam scandal (background here if you're interested) produces this classic piece of "information":

"The list (of Madoff's financial scam victims) includes John Malkovich and Barbara Bach, although there was no confirmation that they were the Oscar-nominated actor and former Bond girl wife of Ringo Starr."
No, just some bizarre coincidence, from all the John Malkoviches who would be likely to invest with another US A-lister.

And this is meant to be news?

I'll give you news. Here's a picture of it - the engine from the Pagani Zonda R. Have you ever seen anything like that before? If not: that's news.

Anyway, our concerns are with lost jobs and particularly those within the family. I honestly don't know if Kevin's rescue package is going to rescue us, but I don't think that doing nothing - thanks, stupid - is a viable position. If you're interested, and you should be, Possum dissects the numbers.


Ann oDyne said...

does tha Pagonza come with a grass-catcher?

2. I am amazed Mrs. Starrkey has any bigtime investment money (well obviously she hasn't anymore, but ...)

phil said...

No grass catchers, no glovebox, no ashtray, no nuddin.

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