20 February 2009

we are the champions

I am the champion. Batch no 20 was a Coopers Australian Pale Ale. Although again the calculated alcohol content seems absurdly low, it poured beautifully with a thick head that held for quite a while and tasted fine. I don't know why all my brews have such a low apparent alcohol content. Please note, I don't want a stupidly high one, I want a proper one.

Silliness abounds today. Why John Roskam of the Institute for Public Affairs insists on writing whole pieces on why everything to the left of his particular extreme libertarianism is wrong, I don't know (AFR today, not free on line). He could send in a piece saying "what I said all the previous times" and they could instead, for example, run some more Alex cartoons or Tony Harris pieces. Or pages full of very small numbers.

Also the IPA could usefully be renamed 'The Institute for Affairs that are currently Public but would be much more efficient if they were Private'.

Mrs VVB and I were perusing the junk mail over dinner. A well known national purveyor of vacuums, many of which can hold a bowling ball aloft, is offering free gifts with some of its products.

With one vacuum, f'rinstance, you get a gym membership. Mrs VVB and I agreed that this was superfluous because you could get lots of exercise by actually doing the vacuuming and for upper body strength, you could do bench presses with the vac.

With another model, you get a free professional home clean. *Pause*. I mean, WTF? Is this an admission that the vacuum doesn't actually work? Seems like a poor marketing strategy.

However if you read on, you find that the free home cleaning includes ironing. Mrs VVB cast an eye over the ironing basket and I can feel a new vacuum coming on.

Anyway, it's the weekend and I had Lucinda on the car stereo coming home. It completed my day and week and I'd like to share it with you.

Update: I recalculated the alcohol content, this time after having read the instructions properly about how to format the numbers being input. Satisfactory and more realistic result. All is good again.

Further update: JahTeh wants some of the beer but her request, cunningly concealed as a comment, has disparu. Eaten by Blogger.


JahTeh said...

I like the sound of that Pale Ale.
Do you deliver?

Sam the Dog said...

Good stuff. I've had about four bottles of my stout today due to (a) vistors, and (b) me showing off to visitors. :)

What have you got planned next? I'm thinking another stout and a Mexican style one to keep for next summer.

phil said...

I've got another batch of ginger beer going. It's bubbled for far longer than anything else I've made in the three or so years I've been doing this. Dunno after that.

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