04 February 2009

out of touch

Two short thoughts - thought shorts, perhaps.


1) Can we please replace "they're out of touch" as the current insult du jour for your political opponents. It's been done to death for a year or more. Exercise a little creativity.

2) The recent prevalence of references to Gough Whitlam by conservative politicians trying to scare us leads me to propose that we need a term, similar in intent to Godwin's Law, to apply to Whitlam. So, as anybody who brings Hitler into an argument can be automatically deemed to have lost the argument, so should reference to Gough. What should we call this (apart from desperate scaremongering, of course).


Sam the Dog said...

A bit off topic, but I hate how "going forward" has become the new "at the end of the day".

As in: "Going forward we're hoping to have a good season with Darren Mapp as captain".

Or: "Going forward is this Whitlamesque spending spree really going to create jobs, jobs, jobs?"

phil said...

I once sat through a meeting in which a young hotshot economist said "going forward" 4 times in half an hour.

Agreed, puke.

vee said...

Veni, Vidi, Blogi, I came, I saw, I gnawed it to death - so I propose calling the law similar to Godwin's law about Whitlam:

Gnaw's law.

Helen said...

I liked the Whitlam era. it prioritised education over sports spectaculars and it was when the rubber started to really hit the road for the womens movement in Australia. I wish my daughter was benefiting from a similar period (she's about the same age now.)

phil said...

Helen: oh, agreed.

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