12 February 2009

hairspray suppository (*)

Damn. Just after I said there was nothing to say, immediately after having done the washing up but immediately prior to getting back to work, I alight on this magnificent piece of demolition of a UK Labor minister by George Monbiot.

I guess you're either a Monbiot lover or hater (and you're either with us or against, naturally, on that logic) but it's quite a piece of work.

And you have to love the comments. One example:

Blears is terrifying. If the UK were ever to be laid waste by a massive nuclear
bombardment, she would still be wittering on about the positives (and reminding
people about the ERM debacle & double-digit interest rates etc.)
She must have a giant Prozac suppository stuffed up her arse.
Via Owen Hatherley (and do take time to trawl around his house).

(*) Apparently this is actually a song.

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