22 May 2009

33 1/3

Possibly not a song title (*), but the link is that today Mrs VVB and I have been legally inseparable for 33 years.

Why, it only seems like yesterday.

Back in those days, this was our favourite song. We had everything to look forward to.

Over that intervening 33 years we eventually got our house, then a couple of subsequent houses. For a while at least, we had two cats in the yard.

Now we have what we think is a very very very fine house - well it's undeniably fit for purpose - and we have one cat who will venture into the yard if we are there too.

Thirty three years seem to have just whizzed past us - where did all those years go?

They haven't been all that kind to Steven Stills, but Graham Nash is still as pure and musical as he ever was. David Crosby - well, that man's an insanely successful survivor.

I still love these guys' work: Mrs VVB and I saw them in Brissie a couple of years ago. For all the accusations that this song is maudlin, you just don't get music like this any more.

(*) No surprise,
of course it is.

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