20 May 2009

now I am the ruler of the Queen's navee

My newly-discovered provider of much merriment at the expense of others, spEak you're bRanes, has a category called Armchair Colonels.

So when I came to this morning's letters to the Editor of the SMH and found this:

So our gallant navy has rescued a merchant ship from pirates firing rocket-propelled grenades, effectively saying to the pirate boats: "Go away - and do it to someone else tomorrow" ("Navy rescues a princess from pirates", May 19)? Why were not the pirate boats sunk and any captured pirates made to "walk the plank in shark infested-waters"? That is the way piracy was eliminated in the past. I demand an answer from the Minister for Defence and the Prime Minister.

John Davidson

Rear Admiral, RAN (Retired), Fairlight

...you can guess the rest. That was after I decided it had to be a piss-take.

Wasn't it?

This has been a very short blog post brought to you courtesy of the ever increasing amount of workee that crosses my desk. Actually, it's mainly brought to you courtesy of the amount of workee that fails to cross the desk successfully and still languishes there, taunting me with its incessant "can't you figure out a way around this, you numbskull?"

No, really actually, it doesn't taunt me or in other way attempt to make contact. What I'm hearing are the little voices inside my head, the ones that usually natter about buying new cars or just drinking beer all weekend. Seems like they've got a new tune.

This is going nowhere and it's not even remotely funny, but I'm too lazy/bloodyminded/in the moment to delete it.



John Davidson, Rear Admiral, RAN (ret.) said...

My dear chap, I take great umbrage at the merest suggestion that I am fictional. I am frightfully proud of our chaps out there on the water, making the world safe for us, what! A compulsory couple of decades in the navy could make a man out of layabouts louts the likes of you we don't need cluttering up our laneways.

Ann ODyne said...

1. I agree with The Armchair Admiral - they should have been scuppered.

2. No Inbox can ver be sufficiently capacious.

good luck

phil said...

At least neither of you mentioned rum, sodomy and the lash.

Mind you, I fully expect it now.

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