28 May 2009

big cheese

Via the newly redesigned BookForum, that promises it's not going to charge you for entry but soon you'll need to register: some stories, possibly apocryphal or just poor research, about rock stars doing drugs. Funny, anyway.

Re BookForum too, isn't Omnivore a great section title?

And so on to big things. I read this article and wondered about a suitable excerpt to get you in. I chose this one:

USA Today agreed with Frito-Lay marketers that big ol’ Cheetos “make folks smile.”

Although I could have chosen others.

These Americans, they don't know about proper big things, though, do they? The Big Banana. The Big Merino. The Big Prawn. They should all come here to learn. Like, totally.

The one fact in the Cheetos (and I noticed that Cheetos appears to be both singular and plural, so evidently it and/or they are genetically modified, which would also explain the styrofoam taste) story that didn't surprise is that on a per unit of weight basis, the new ones are more expensive than the old ones. In an economic downturn, it's important to give people an (alleged, apart from having the inside of your mouth scoured off) comfort food experience while simultaneously ripping them off because they're functionally innumerate.

Vive le capitalisme!

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