24 May 2009

salt of the earth (*)

My neighbours are, overwhelmingly, decent, hard-working, respectible, law-abiding, amusing, intelligent, serious. And they're worried. And they're frightened. The world is not honoring the bargain that was made with them: work hard, obey the law and a decent life is available. Well, for many of them, it isn't, it was a lie.
Only a politics dedicated to providing opportunity and hope for working people has any chance of delivering a civilised, bearable society for all of us.
There IS such a thing as society.
I get this.

Old Blighty is going to be very interesting to watch over the next 12 mnonths.

(*) For those of you who may not have known:
"Let's think of the wavering millions
Who need leaders but get gamblers instead."


Ann ODyne said...

Years ago, on the edge of the circles I moved in, was a guy with a fabulous car. primary-school-age child professed a desire to be 'whatever that guy does' when she grew up.
He was, of course, a distributor of illicit substances, wealthy from it.
As long as FTA TV, and movies, and the popular-press, adulates and reveres the lifestyles of the shallow and shady, then the great unwashed will aspire to emulate the shallow and the shady.
It's all about bling.
Video'd females is slutty clothing are constantly put up for all to see, without any regard for the effect on developing minds.
High-stakes poker presented as entertainment, functions at a casino constatntly presented as a suitable desire.
There is no solution.

phil said...

Gack. Must bhave caught you at a bleak moment - I hope. I'd respond in more detail but my head is full of daily trivia.

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