10 May 2009

between the buttons (*)

I suppose time does pass more quickly as we age, but to me it seems like about two decades ago that Jensen Button arrived on the Formula 1 scene amid shrieks of hope from Old Blighty about the next Pom F1 champion since Stirling Moss or similar.

So it's been all those years during which Jensen Button has been circulating around countless F1 tracks in the middle or the back of the field (ie about 350 places ahead of Mark Webber, obligatory snipe now discharged).

But now it seems
Jensen can't put a foot wrong, even as England's Up-Until-Recently-Great-But-Not-Exactly-White-Hope Lewis Hamilton, who was F1 champion last year, is a damaged brand on account of being a cheat. And once your brand is damaged, no matter how good a driver you are, you're dead meat. Nowadays, it's all about the Brand.

So let's all get behind Jensen Button. At least there we'll be giving Mark some company, boom-boom.

Having been too busy to do anything bloggish during the week beyond a couple of comments around the traps, I've been to BookForum tonight. Here's what I found.

Why FaceBook doesn't work as a business. Beats me why people use it for anything. Disclosure: I had a page for a while but I couldn't figure out how to find people whom I didn't know already. I'm sure it's simple because of all the people who've found school friends, mothers, fathers, lost pets, deceased pets, two cent pieces that had fallen down the back of the lounge and so on, but I couldn't do it. And without that gigantic incentive, it just seemed like such a waste of time.

I am on LinkedIn, but again the people I've found are ones I knew already and the only ones who post regularly only seem to be joining groups such as Obsessively Interested in Finding Enough Two Cents Pieces to Become Rich. I'm evidently missing the point - in fact I'm missing all of them.

But what about this? (That was kind of a joke).

this is serious. I haven't heard of Carlota Perez and there are so many embedded links in the article I'd have to take a week off to get through them. But her work seems interesting (in the sense of being genuinely interesting, not in "interesting" as in "I don't like it)." Here's a sample, it's analytical and descriptive rather than normative but presumably later in the book you get to the instructions.

Anyway, if you do have a week a to spare you can go diving for yourselves.

There wasn't a Friday night music clip because we went out to see some real live music.
This was the main act and he was brilliant as you'd expect, but the support was the bloke you see below and it was really good.

(*) Obscure Rolling Stones reference. Unless you're of my generation and musical tastes, I guess.

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