18 May 2009

life life oooooh life oh life doo doo doo doo

In between work and life, I have no time for blogee. I look over my horizon and I see more work, less life, and no blogee.

So this post is, as Pete Townsend once allegedly self-deprecatingly said, A Quick One (I believe he said this at the
Rolling Stones Circus. At least, I have a book that claims this to be so).

This is actually a T-shirt for New Zealand chucks.

This one I really like.

This is me saying TTFN.

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Ann ODyne said...

I've enjoyed the Topical Tshirt culture ever since being in the US in 1981 after the McCartneys were busted for dope in Tokio.
There were Tshirts on the LA streets the very next dayfor
"Wings Japan Tour"

with a red CANCELLED stamp font across it.

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