29 May 2009

turn turn turn

All right. This is going to be slightly trickier than usual. I am well on the way to entering a state of some insobriety, but I still have to do this damn Friday post. I gotta say some funny shit what happened today and then perform a seamless, albeit slightly tautological, segue into the Friday song that'll take you blissfully into the weekend. I know the song, I just have to find it again on Youtube. I can remember some of the funny shit, just got to remember it all, that will be harder.

So, first funny shit was this letter in today's Sydeney Morening Herald:

Brain explosions
The traditional Fourth Estate position of the media is being eroded by the proliferation of "news" such as "the chk-chk-boom girl" ("Chk-chk-boom sums up sensation", May 28). When public discussion is diverted from issues of greater importance to the trivial and the novel it is a sign of the slow demise of functioning democracy. Though we are connected by communication technologies on an unprecedented scale, to quote Spider-Man, "with great power comes great responsibility". Let us not abuse our abundance of communication media. It is our responsibility to create collective intelligence rather than collective unintelligence.
Nathan Li

So, let's just have a look at this. Mr Li is concerned that the standard of news reporting is being degraded by its apparent obsession with un-selfconscious, self-promoting 15-minutes-of-fame types such as Clare Werbeloff (VVB Ed: the chhk-chhk-boom girl). He goes on to make a resoundingly deep argument that popular interest in such ephemera indicates that the basis for rational society is in decline.

In support of this argument he then quotes - quotes, mind you - a comic book character.

So, can you please tell me which part of this evidently post-modern jigsaw puzzle I'm missing?
The next bit of today's...today's something... no, that bit is long gone. Could have had something to with swapping the work Subaru for a work Camry which has, I suspect, sucked out any remaining functioning parts of my brain.

And so on to music. I found tonight's offering not long after posting last Friday's welcome to the weekend post, but this is nothing short of pure ecstasy.

Yumm yumm, does that not get the musical juices flowing, I'm off downstairs to pick up the guitar and continue my long slide into oblivion. I absolutely love three minutes pieces of pop perfection and this was one.

I compare this Byrds reunion performance to the Aston from my last blog post. Probably not absolute perfection, but McGuinn's couple of misses, both vocally and his cues on the mighty Rickenbacker, you can equate to the fact that despite the stonking V12, the Aston's not actually as quick as it ought to be. But at the end of the ride or song, you don't give a shit: you've been in the presence of something you can't do, and you just admire those who can.

"A time for peace, I swear it's not too late."

We continue to hope so.

Au revoir, mes petits.


Bwca Brownie said...

1. that SMH journo has just proved that they are mostly crap where he attributes a US Prez JFK quote incorrectly to fkn Spidey's screenwriters fer godssakes.

Bwca Brownie said...

oh OK - I commented immediately after the early paras, knowing there were more, and also knowing my own item retention is poor -
which is why I dont bother with bloggers whose posts, erudite as they may be, are practically NOVEL-length.

before all that, at the Turn, Turn, Turn 12-string Rickenbacker bit, I wuz gonna say:

Oh Phili, Phili, Phili, shouldn't that be
Turni Turni Turni?

(LOVE the Byrds, McGuinn, Burritos etc. LOVED it then and still.)

*goes off yodelling On the 31st floor, a gold-plated door, won't keep out the Lord's burning fla-a-ame*

Bwca Brownie said...

I'm further down the post now -

if you had not been 05, you might have connected 12 strings and 12 cylinders.

Now Chk-Chk + The NewsCrew:

at a KingsX shooting, the camera went to her.
She rose to the occasion, with the floodlight in her fully made-up face.
Kylie Mole lives!
I put her straight into the C.W Hall of Fame.

"You should take a good look at yourself".
I have. Everyone has.
They LOVE it.

phil said...

Not often I get someone posing as James Joyce as a commenter.

I also apologies because my formatting of paragraphs was waay off but I couldn't be bothered going back to fix them up.

Bwca Brownie said...

the nearest I have been to Jas Joyce is seeing the fabulous back To School movie where Sally Kellerman, also fabulous, reads the Yes Yes I said Yes oh yes thingy.

plus I know that joke about the Irish guy applying for the builders labourer job, when they said
"do you know the difference between a girder and a joist?

"doh yeah. Girder wrote Dr.Faustus and Joyce wrote Ulysses

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