14 October 2009

every day is exactly the same

Excerpt from discussion on ABC news forums today:

"you're forgetting that we were all born with exactly the same opportunities as each other."

Discuss, particularly if you believe you can support the proposition.


Ann oDyne said...

quite a few 23-year-old French guys are debating that topic this week,
she commented, sarkoztically

oh and Richard Howard son of The Lip, works in Washington DC and it wasn't Job Network that got him there.

phil said...

You win.

David said...

hey that's no debate, equal right of reply and all that.

Its is the case that we all die, there's equality of opportunity for you ;) and my mother's uncle who ran a highly successful shoe repair business proves that anyone can get ahead as long as they are prepared to kiss the leather that shines brightest just before it kicks you in the arse.

phil said...

There is always one isn't there. That's all it takes, just one, and up they pop.

Oh, forgot to turn on the sarkozy meter.

Look, I'll be back, I just have to keep doing my bit to keep up Kevin24/7's fear of a binge drinking epidemic.

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