13 October 2009

kind of a drag (2)

For no reason that I can remember, I've never thought Liza Minelli was much chop. Daughter of, that's not a CV that works for me. As I'd never seen her live or on film, this judgement can only be described as judgemental, certainly not informed by any rational or supportable process, if you catch my drift.

Anyway it seems she's here and I saw her interviewed on TV.

To my mind, it was awful. She's 'on', she's acting, every waking moment, it would seem.

Must get tiresome.

Anyway, I feel kind of vindicated for being so judgemental.

Kind of.

Any other views?

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Marshall-Stacks said...

Her parents left no fortune, and she has to earn a living and stage-y big drama is all she knows.
First, she had a dreadful childhood, being the parent of Judy.
The biog says by the age 12 she knew how to pawn the luxurious gifts Mama got from movie-star friends, and with the cash, buy for for the 3 children.

All the big brash Noo Yawk Noo Yawk gotta sing gotta dance flap has no appeal for me, but it does for many other people, and they will buy the tickets.
She is a sad exhibit, exploited by pimp spiv entrepreneurs who would if they could, sell tix to the open coffin (booking fee not included).

I Go To Rio singing I'm Liza with a z not an S

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