02 October 2009


Friday = nothing.

This probably = something. Tozer was supported through publicly funded programs to take his work, and Australia, to the world.

This = nothing we didn't expect, but is wrong beyond 99% of Australians' understanding.

This = I don't know what, but it probably relates to a clause in the US Free Trade Agreement under which any US multinational can monster anyone else if its dodgy IP is infringed, which is certainly not free trade.

Back to nothing.


iODyne said...

is it The Village FUGS whose song is
"Sunday nothing, Monday nothing, Tuesday ... farking naarthing."

wishing many happy returns of the day to all balanced and visually-oriebted Librans who share The Killers birthdate (yeah, like he's 'balanced')

phil said...

Don't know that one, I googled for the title.

And thanks.

Ann ODyne said...

'visually oriented' Stacks you ning-nong!

Followed the Tozer eulogy.
I just loved Paul Keating from the moment he put his arm to Her Majesty's back when introducing her to someone. Everybody howled about it, forgetting that his IRISH heritage probably wants troops out now!
The Tozer story is yet another one of sadly unsung* talent. He spent his big grant on a place for musicians to live and work, but he had no business process in place to support the ideal with sound practice.
*our society wants the press to tell us who Daannii Mynogew is screwing this week, not about beautiful music.
The vitriol from the eulogy commentors is scary.

Ann ODyne said...

Yeah yeah - Ed Sanders Truckstop, and The Holy Modal Rounders.
Just before we discovered Frank Zappa and Randy Newman in 1968, we thought these guys were outrageously funny.

he song is called NOTHING.
and their other song "I like boobs a lot, boobs alot boobs alot"
heres the wiki that refreshed my memory of a record I had and played in the sixties.
Must have bought it from Mick Kinnear at the Disc Shop in Bourke St, as that was the only place there were imports in Melb before 1970, and the f-word must have slipped past Arthur Rylah, ha ha.

phil said...

He should have done an MBA, then I guess.

After due consideration, one tallie of increasingly very drinkable homebrew and a couple of glasses of merlot, I've decided I wish to be visually-oriebted after all.

Ah larkes to be differebt.

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