18 October 2009

we are the champions (2)

Here's an article that also concludes something that I've observed: accolades go to people who don't seem to deserve them. I liked the reference to the Presidential Medal of Freedom: didn't a former PM of ours get that one? Love the company he's in. I also liked the rocket scientist comment.

Anyway, I always get bemused by architectural awards, which seem to go to buildings that are plain ugly to the general passer-by, and often hopeless for those labouring inside.

Also business awards, which seem to go to entrepreneurs or companies that go down in flames a few years after.

Apart from that, not much.


Ann ODyne said...

it's Rocket Engineering.
After you forced me to consider bloody PeterGarrett, I discovered the hyperkinetic hypocrite accepted a French Award without so much as a mention of Muroroa Atoll and their nuclear tests. Just gave me yet another rason to discount him completely.

phil said...

Looks like I pressed a hott-ish button there.

Sorry about the engineering, it's brain science.

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