07 October 2009

i'd like to teach the world to sing

I'm feeling violently antisocial, so I inflict this on all my reader. Make of it what you will. I'd like to teach the world to be confused.

I've been progressively going off rugby league ever since the end of the halcyon days of Raiders superiority when even Mrs VVB used to get a tad enthusiastic about our then local team and the incessant reports about the state of Ricky Stuart's groin, but if
this ever comes off the game will be rooted for all eternity and I'll be around at the end to say "I told you so in 1996 and you didn't bloody well listen then, now look what you've done."

Unfortunately, I suspect it's an unlikely prospect, surely he saw the damage Rupert et al inflicted in the Superleague wars and will have realised that not everything dear about communities and their tribes can be reduced to a simplistic, reductionist, knuckle-dragging profit-driven view of the world.

Oh, ummm, yeah...

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Marshall-Stacks said...

football leagues a mystery to me.
I'd Like to teach the world to sing was Paul Williams for Coca-Cola; and We've Only Just Begun was Paul William for a phone company, both in the days when he wrote jingles.

It all begins with a song.
*goes off singing* another Paul Williams It's not easy being green

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