30 August 2007

dark side of the moon

Well the life thing is filling up and so here's just a couple of random thoughts from today.

Chateau VVB is not automatically a Labor supporter, although that may not appear evident from a casual reading of the posts, but it's stuff like
this is why. It was all I could do to keep dinner down while Paul Lennon eviscerated reality in not answering Kerry O'Brien tonight. Money. Talks. Loudly.

There's a theory called
subsidiarity that asserts that the closer that government is to the people, the better the quality of governing. Not so. What you actually get is a better class of stupidity. And more laws.

Also, I noted the other night about young girls dressing to look like Paris Hilton. Well, if the accents I get from the young Aussie ladies on the checkout are any indication, they also sound like her. What's wrong with an Australian accent?

Yeah I know, just some more unthinking reflexive anti-Americanism, it comes with the chardonnay I guess.

Roll on the weekend.



The Editor said...

Stop fighting it, Phil, you're really a Greens voter... :-)dj

phil said...

Stone the flamin' crows, don't tell them at work, they'll have my nuts on the flagpost. And then my colleagues will make obnoxious comments, too.

JahTeh said...

You know why Paris wears so little on top? Have you seen the size of her feet, she wears size 10 shoes. If she was a bloke I could make all sorts of jokes but all I can say is that's how she never falls in the gutter drunk, she can't, she has anchors.

Nuts on the flagpost, I'd salute that.

Pants said...

Hi Phil

I especially notice the Americanised accents in Sydney. But then I'm hardly one to talk - I have a very weird half Aussie, half cockney accent which makes people on both hemispheres wince.



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