31 August 2007

every picture tells a story

Got a big party tomorrow, I should be practising a few songs. However, before we do that, the week in roundup from Chateau VVB:

  • The spin cycle, courtesy of Joey Johns' media advisor rather than Whirlpool, was fabulous to watch. No wonder people no longer believe everything they hear (well, Howard supporters aside). Everyone who is anyone has had media training, has access to the best PR that money can buy. Somewhere today I was reading about the insidious practice of PR agents preparing video and audio clips that lazy journalists can use directly for their reports. In this way the intent of the spin, rather than a more objective view (I hesitate to use the word 'truth', which means of course that I must be a postmodernist...) is carried forward straight to the 'news'.
  • Pulp mill. I haven't followed in depth but it'll be fascinating to watch the various reactions as they play out in this never-ending lead-up to the election. Malcolm Turnbull, an otherwise probably good choice for a future conservative PM (well, arrayed against the morally bankrupt rest of them, at least Turnbull must understand money somewhat better) may be out of Parliament a lot sooner than he thought, having bought his way in originally. A real doctor's wives issue, with of course the otherwise Labor-leaning forestry workers lined up against. Just like the old bloke down the road who lost his job as a linotype operator when computers came in.
  • The takeover of Aboriginal business assets. Beneath contempt (actually, everything the government does is beneath contempt, it's just a matter of - relatively - how deep...).
  • Kevin Rudd. Yawn.
  • IR: the biter bit. I really, really, really hope that the business coalition's advertisements prove to be a turning point. Call it class envy, I don[t care, I just think that people don;t like to treated like idiots by the filthy rich. Yeah, that's class envy. Guilty, yer 'onour.
  • It's supposed to rain next week.

Part of preparation for tomorrow's big night has been to make a replica CD jewel case cover in order to customise it for the happy recipient. This has, in turn, entailed some teach yourself Photoshop.

As I have the patience of a wounded buffalo, it usually Mrs VVB who tackles all things computerish, and indeed she has some experience (read: has previously fiddled about in) Photoshop. However in this case she was tired and took a strategic decision to leave me to do my own dirty work.

This I did. I more or less got the result I wanted and except for the fact that it would identify a number of people who may not wish to be associated with the views expressed at Chateau VVB, I would reproduce it for you here.

Instead, it's off to practice. Have a lovely weekend.

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