21 August 2007

put down that weapon

P2B=well it's windy and drizzling in Brisvegas and really I'd prefer to go to bed but it's too early so the next best thing after looking at my facebook page, poking a couple of people (whatever that means in facebookese) and asking the facebook proprietors to add my old, now disestablished high school to their list, is to...er...what? Oh yeah, write some stuff here.

1) "Aspirational nationalism." Perhaps it means we all want to be Hitler, but who knows? It's such a wanky, wonk-y phrase and I bet it doesn't speak to the former aspirationals / battlers out in suburbistan, it sure doesn't speak to me and being a blogger, I'm a target market for this kind of hucksterism. How do the spinners and hardheads or whatever come up with this crap? The only thing that does surprise me is that it wasn't Labor, this is the sort of nonsense oxygen-gobbler they usually specialise in. That said, I don't think it'll do the lying little insert objectionable word here any good either.

2) Water cannon for APEC. I never, no really, never thought I'd see the day when we had this kind of anti-democratic, anti-citizen, anti-humanity kind of weapon in this country. It just brings on a sense of immense sadness in me. We're down there with the old commo states, the 'stans, the fascist dictatorships that still dot the globe. No matter that it was a Labor government - in this game, they're all the same, protecting their own, the rich and powerful, from the human consequences of their decisions. Not that you'll actually get a decision out of an APEC meeting if history is any guide. Oh I forgot, the
Bogor Declaration. In 1994, ffs. Whoopeefuckingdoo.

3) There is no 3. And P2B=pissed off to the max, now.


Bilegrip Admin said...

Water cannon comment a perfect summary. Will reprint on Bilegrip. Keep up the excellent work.

JahTeh said...

If the protesters are lucky, the water cannon will be made by Mattel.

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