05 August 2007

suspicious minds

"Andrews: 'Well Jon, firstly, the suspicion I've formed on the material at the time I made my decision, was to clearly raise a suspicion in my mind.'"

Translation: I'm an underperforming idiot that couldn't trusted to carry the morning tea tray without getting something wrong.

You couldn't make up stuff like this, could you?

Not only that, but
I have substantial conflicts of interest between my personal beliefs and (taxpayer-funded) 'professional" responsibilities, but that's OK because I'm on the side of truth and light. Well, maybe it's OK, but actually I'd rather not answer the question because I'm an idiot.

VVB would like to say we can hear the sound of scales falling from eyes around Australia but even if we can, natural caution suggests to wait until the results are in.

Meanwhile hope springs, as you know it does.

P2B=brief but really, really, really annoyed.

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