13 August 2007

shake it up

P2B=pretty damn minimal if the truth be known. Been practising some old songs for an upcoming party, I haven't been playing enough so my fingers are all soft and now they hurt. Got to develop some baby callouses between now and then, got to get my voice back into some state of trim, got to learn not to mess up so many simple chords.

Fortunately, by the time showtime rolls around I will be sufficiently lubricated not to care and just to let it all hang out.

The headings on the blogs are dispiriting, as are the headlines and the opinion pieces.

So it's a wonderful thing when my
favourite motoring program - click on Top Gear to see the video manages to work le parkour into one of its stunts. That's just wonderful stuff - all the production crew must be awfully right-brained to come up with these insane ideas.

That's insane in a good way, I hope you realise.

The right-brained will inherit the earth you know, I read that in the Business Review Weekly (yes! really!) so can I suggest you all start using yours.

Mine's in for a grease and oil change.

There, that feels better than ranting about you-know-whom and his you-know-what, doesn't it? Don't we all want to contribute to a better world?

Here' s a photo chosen at random from the collection 'cos it's kind of unexceptional. It's the town of Stanley in Tasmania, the photo was taken from the geological outcrop known as the Nut that rises over the town. I reckon Stanley is one of the neatest, cleanest towns I've ever seen. I did see a sign claiming that it had recently won a Tidy Towns context - not surprised.

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