08 February 2008

the air that I breathe

...has been uncontaminated by anything blogatorial for several days, caused by an uncommon coincidence of work, travel, and alcohol.

So even though I'm back in the bosom of the fambly for a few days I haven't even opened a blog page for a while, although I've published the comments on the last short post. It would be good at some stage to do a longer post on language. It's one of my favourite subjects, the old man was always good for a yarn on regional dialects and the loss of vocoabulary and finally, I eventually came to appreciate the value of three years of Latin in deriving roots and becoming comfortable with polysyllabics.

I loved a quote I read attributed to Wilbur Smith, although I've never read a Wilbur Smith book (I gather they are about Africa and are all versions of a single story): "I love the feel of language on my tongue."

Anyway, back at Chateau VVB we are consumed by the prospect of moving to Rockhampton for a couple of years. There appears to be some desire in the organisation that I remain there after the current short term stint expires at the end of March. Whether the job is open depends on a number of interdependent variables that I can't go into - sorry to be so Delphic - but the odds on being asked to stay on are shortening.

This causes all sorts of dilemmas for us although, personally, the prospect of keeping on with this new challenge is quite enticing. Seduced by the task, I think they call it.

Anyway it's not a decision we need to make immediately although when the time comes, the Man is going to want a response.

Things thta make you go "hmmmmmmmm."

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