28 February 2008

dirty white boy

Quite some time ago, 1959 is a year that sticks in the mind, former long-standing Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore predicted that Australia would become the "poor white trash" of Asia.

So Temasek Holdings, the lightly disguised corporate acquisition vehicle of Singapore Inc, aka the Lee family holdings, is buying up ABC child care at fire sale prices.

And the...the...the...crikey I'm lost for adjectives, how on earth do you describe the NSW government - against the wishes of at least 60% of the State's residents and, no less, its own policy, is selling of its power industry to the Chinese, for crying out loud.

All those years ago, when the world was very, very different, Papa Lee was bang on the money. Governments which, no matter their weaknesses and the ever-so-slight stench of, well, you know what (hey, look at NSW for the amateur version), understand that they are there, democratically elected or not quite so, to enrich the lives of their citizens.

Which they are doing at a rate of knots.

Knots, I tell you.

Now, what do you reckon is happening here?

Answers on the back of an IOU made out to 'generous anonymous donor' and left in the Suggestions Box by the front door. Turn out the lights on your way out, please.

Outside, the might Fitzroy is back to its normal pond-like status. I reckon it's dropped two metres since this morning. If I'd stayed here and watched, I reckon I could have seen it drop.

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