22 February 2008

cotton fields

The Emerald radio station was advertising for the Demolition Bar ("come for a good time, not a long time") and it's the "breast bar in Emerald" or something similar. Don't say you weren't warned, I suppose.

Some very interesting site visits to cotton farms this morning - close up looks and explanations of new-ish technology to drastically reduce insecticide and (particularly) water use. Explanations courtesy of independent academics, not a Monsanto rep in sight. A couple of us expressed our reservations but privately - just trying not to get too judgemental.

It was, I can tell you, bloody hot out there in the fields.

No, the one I ended up using wasn't it.

Anyway, the plane's late (again) so what about these Friday sittings of Parliament. FWIW, I reckon Rudd was mad to set up Friday sittings and then not turn up the first one. Just suicidal, so the cardboard cut-out was probably a good response.

That said, the actions of certain former front bench Liberals to absent themselves from the condolence motion for Peter Andren, the highly respected Independent, shows just what they think - and have always thought - of their fellow Australians. I hope they still don't think they're fooling us.

'Cos - all together now: "we won't get fooled again"

Exit stage left, to the sound of crashing major chords and the sight of Pete Townsend's windmilling arm.

Anyway that's about it for tonight, although I did think of something while on the road back to Rocky and listening to dubious ads, but it's gone now, like all the other snippets of useless thoughts that ping like errant mosquitoes around the back reaches of my head.

Now, what the appropriate song title for this post that I thought of about 4 hours ago?


Mark Lawrence said...

Okay, now I'm back in the correct time line (rather than commenting on the post from two or so days prior). So, is Emerald under water?

phil said...

Mark, Emerald is totally dry now but all the water from last week's rain has hit Rocky.

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