29 February 2008


Yesterday we wrote about Temasek Holdings of Singapore increasing its share of ABC Learning. We mentioned Lee Kuan Yew's comment about Australia becoming the poor white trash of Asia.
Today Crikey offers us this:

That's if the alert but not alarmed Rudd Government decides Sing Inc can lift its stake above 15%. After all, if Lee Kuan Yew once described us as the “poor white trash” of Asia, should his family be looking after an MCG’s worth of Aussie toddlers each week?

VVB, bringing you an alternate reality just slightly ahead of another alternate reality.

You remember these words? "You're getting paranoid!!!!!"

Derf does, doncha mate?

Meanwhile, in yet another extremely alterate reality, the Rudd government releases a 100 Days Achivements brochure.

Dear reader, our disappointment knows no bounds. We elected a new government for a brave new world, we get Tony Blair c. 1997. Shit. Glossy shit I grant you, but shit nonetheless.

Objectives, KPIs, outcomes-oriented government.

Provided you define an 'outcome' as a some sort of a piece of paper, glossy or otherwise.

We're doomed I tells ya, doomed.

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