06 February 2008

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Words, I love 'em. I read somewhere that the Macquarie (???) dictionary had identified pod-slurping as a valid neologism in general use. Yep, it's good, very evocative.

A couple of weeks ago I read about Australianisms that had died out, amongst these was "cobber', which my old man used to use all the time.

So I go into a newsagency in Rocky last Saturday to buy a paper, I proffer some money, the bloke says "thanks cobber."

So there.

Or, like, "whatever."

That is to say, I was, like, whatever.

And I was.


Unknown said...

Aaarrrgh! That struck a raw nerve, Phil. Do not ever use those two hideous constructs (gratuitous insertion of "like", and that ghastly dismissive form of "whatever"), even in jest.

They make me fugging angry and want to inflict really fugging horrible torture** upon the guilty. I don't want to have to hurt you, old man!

Constructs like this (and "whatever"ing in particular) are a sign that people really are a bunch of arrogant things that I lack sufficiently horrible adjectives for.

I haven't heard "cobber" in many, many years. Even in country towns.

** watch this disturbing old film for an idea of what I mean

Mark Lawrence said...

I don't know what 'pod-slurping' is. I must not be part of this general use.


phil said...

Indigoid (and i love the name) - yeah but but as the mastghead says, I'm just reflecting the zeit giest.

Mark - means downloading and loving pod casts - good, eh/

JahTeh said...

Thanks for the explanation Phil, my mind was going down various other paths.

I hate the word 'dude'. It makes me want to rip out the larynx of the user, usually some dill wearing a trucker's cap backwards and pants down round his knees.

You know this officially makes us
old foggies.

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