23 February 2008

wide open road

Can't argue with that post title, especially with this road which, not far-ish over the horizon, leads to Longreach.

I wish I knew how such a horizon can have such a hold over your - well my - imagination.

I grew up in the country and when I drive back around that area, the central west of NSW, it of course looks and feels mightily familiar.

But space of this kind, the vastness of the plains, is another thing entirely. Never before had I experienced it, or seen it, that's a simpler word, before but it just kind of crept into my consciousness. This is my country.

I get a different kind of feeling when I see thousands of tonnes of my country on the coal trains to the port, being shipped to another country.

Anyway I'm afraid I lack the knowledge of all sorts of academic disciplines to analyse what I'm talking about. I don't even know where to start.

Maybe the best thing is to have another look.

Because in a country that wide, you can start from anywhere, I suppose.

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