26 February 2008

burning love

That's burning love, not burning dinosaur.

'Burning dinosaur' may not make a lot of sense, but you have to read the article and the comments.

Anyway copying Jeremy Clarkson here is no so much to point to his journalistic style nor to mimic his pants-wetting, in this case about a very fast Mercedes (this car has redeemed M-B in Jeremy's eyes, as well as other parts of his anatomy).

Rather, it is to point to his description of driving this beast and the feeling of being utterly on the edge - one false move (pardner!) and you're off into the shrubbery, or more likely into a rock wall or over a cliff. But you get it right and it's almost as good as (you know what).

My point? It's very much like playing and singing live in front of people - especially when you're not very good and are very likely to hit a bum note, either on the guitar or in your voice.

You're trying and trying - get the chords right, get the changes right, get the flamin' words right for crying out loud, then get the phrasing right, get the emotion right, get the finish right...and...better than you know what, but by crikey it's been a ride.

Sort of what keeps us going, I guess.

Speaking of getting the notes right - did anybody see Guy Sebastian on the dancing show last night? With the original (almost, no Ray Charles of course) Blues Brothers band behind? If there's anybody who makes the moderately difficult seem baby-simple (apart from David Gilmour of course), it's Steve Cropper. A new, somewhat larger Steve Cropper, but him all the same. Just glorious.

And hasn't Our Guy come a long way? That's entertainment.

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