09 February 2008

for emily, wherever I may find her

Looks like I found her on ebay. The only car owned since marriage that had a name (well apart from the the more unreliable examples which were universally called "that f**cking car"), Emily was a 1965 Morris 1100. And indeed she was in this same light green colour, although our Emily did sport a set of Starsky and Hutch stripes up the C pillar. Possibly the only 1100 to have been so decorated.

It's a big day today on ebay for cars that have graced the driveways of various chateaux VVB over the years. Apart from Emily, here's an Austin Freeway, again in the same colour as the Freeway sedan I owned. I also had a Freeway wagon in two tone grey, and here's a Wolseley 24/80 in a slightly darker green or grey than one I owned. That car had a name too - Eric, of course short for Eric the Half a Car.

And here's pretty sad looking Dolomite in the same colour as the one we had for a year or two while in Singapore.

Saving the best until last - I never owned an Austin A95, but the old man had one that he bought from maternal grandfather's estate. That car had been bought new on dad's advice and very well looked after.

In contrast to the other cars pictured here, this one has actually attracted some bids and it does look pretty good for a 1958 car. I remember very well how they drove - heavy, lumbering, but very positive switchgear - and the advertising slogan: "long, low and lovely."

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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