17 July 2008

(he ain't heavy), he's my brother

Looks like he is heavy after all - one of the seemingly endless throng of Jensens lets loose on the Catholics.

Tell me, is at all possible to take these loonies seriously? I believe this, you believe that, they believe something else, I'm better because my belief is better than your belief and way better than their belief.

Where does the bit about Jesus's love figure in all this? Poor bloody Mary gets a hammering too, doesn't she? What did she do wrong?


Mind you, tomorrow's letters to the editor should be enlightening.


mei ultra vires said...

Seems to me that everyone is arguing about whether their imaginary friend likes you/me/them or not, because we walk a different path.

Well, what do I care about the opinions prescribed to the imaginary friend?

phil said...

We all know about you, though. You're probably a Marian.

mei ultra vires said...

Oh yes - did you like my performance during the stations of the cross on the weekend? Bugger of a time trying to find a white dress though!

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