20 July 2008

oh lord please don't burn us (*)

After a week when all things religious have dominated the Australian media, it's reassuring - actually no, it's more like terrifyingly bizarre - when similar themes appear elsewhere.

Even if it is
Aberystwyth. And it's not quite on the same scale.


But not as weird as this - all things are relative (ha ha), it seems. I wonder what they study at the Pontifical Gregorian University? I mean, it's not as if there have been any new discoveries, have there? The textbook is still the sdame one they had...oh, a couple of thousand years ago (or some time in between once the blokes decided it would be a spiffing way of keeping the sheilas in second place for all time).

* Oh lord please don't burn us.


mei ultra vires said...

You see what happens when you bring the chief hat man out of his cave - religious disruption and disorder. unexplained religous anarchy - could it be intelligent design at work?

phil said...

Or a butterfly falling in a forest. That is correct, isn't it?

mei ultra vires said...

Oh dear - butterflies don't fall - although they frequently have their wings crushed by religous zealouts (probably explains the frequency of tsunamis in last few years)

Anyway - you know the answer is suppose to be "God did it"!"

You've got to wonder at the intelligence in designing a beast as stupid as the modern day man!

Like the introspective pics of your new digs - very pretty

Anonymous said...

no matter how little you want to here it VVB, you have to know that Jesus loves you. always has, always will.

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