02 July 2008

lost for words

Here's what a former supervisor of mine used to call a "rattling good read" (we were all encouraged to make our turgid briefing notes "rattling good reads"). It's the story of Scrabble and it has all sorts of ingredients: economics, the shortsightedness of large organisations, human nature and change over the generations.

With my increasing propensity to forgetting words (and let's not even think about forgetting names) I've been thinking that I should take up crosswords to try and keep the remnant functioning parts of my tiny mind still functioning. I've made occasional attempts to get into cryptics but I think that takes time, to learnt the tricks, the styles of individual crossword setters and so on.

A medium to difficult normal cross word should suffice for my purpose.

All I have to do is remember to do one a day.

I last had that thought about a fortnight ago.

Maybe I need a different brain exercise.

Oh, footy time. Ciao for niao.

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indigoid said...

Give Bananagrams a try. Seriously. It is an awesome game. Have been playing it regularly with some friends lately and really enjoying the challenge...

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