16 July 2008

speak no evil

Cardinal Pell says "it's one of the worst things that can happen to a young woman."

He meant her suicide, not her rape by a priest when she was just a little girl.

And as for the church's spokesfool who suggested that her parents stop "
dwelling crankily on old wounds" : to the media training room, immediately.

Anyone who still pays obeisance to this lot of criminals needs a good firm whack to the back of the head.

here are just the people to do it. Oh, it's them again. A broad church, you might say.

Meanwhile, some good news: the
Sheffield Shield name is back. Maybe now we can see some other names reverting - Lang Park, perhaps.

I note that many of the "leftard" blogs are condemning the Government's emissions trading green paper. Must be just those of conservative disposition who can't seem to bring themselves to criticise anything their 'side' does. I do like generalisations, it makes writing ill-thought-through blog posts so much quicker.

On which thought, time for dinner. I defrosted some cooked meat, can't tell what it was so I've added some tomato paste. Works every time - I hope.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

oh good - "the Sheffield Shield is back".

I am too lazy to follow the link but I loathe re-branding and boycotted PURA milk in protest.

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