07 July 2008

spanish harlem

The precautionary principle reaches uncharted corners of humankind as Brendan Nelson and the Coalition again shift their position on climate change in the period since John Howard realised that it was a live issue for people.

Costa is on the lookout for the wellbeing of New South Welshpeople when he either (a) sells out the people of NSW by going against their wishes or (b) shows leadership by doing the right thing regardless.

Most people I know think that I'm crazy express the usual refrain that they'd willingly pay more provided it's just a hypothetical, if it comes to the ballot box a fair few will forget their hypothetical positions I'd guess.

Max Markson, 'celebrity agent', says he wouldn't promote Roberta Wilson, but he would represent Mick Gatto, he wouldn't represent David Hicks "because he's a terrorist" but will represent Coery Delaney. You could go crazy trying to figure out human behaviour couldn't you? And what about 'celebrity lawyers'? Ever noticed how defendants from utterly different parts of the country and from all sorts of backgrounds facing all sorts of charges all end up with the same lawyers?

Hey, what about that Rafa, eh? Spanish is the new Swiss.

And doesn't the Tour de France remind us that the land of cheese-eating surrender monkeys is just so pretty. Got to get there for a look, one day when we don't have a mortgage.

I think the plonque is thicker at the bottom of the cask.

OK, take a break, got to watch
Top Gear.

(later) Well, everything I like about the show.
  • Weirdly compelling similes (a car like "a pensioner's terrier");
  • absurdly enthusiastic driving tests (a BMW M5 Touring and a Mercedes AMG 6.3 estate being hurled around an airport at night, with fires),
  • downright stupidity (racing motorhomes);
  • brutally honest appraisals (unlike Australian car reviews) - the latest Honda Civic Type R was worse than its predecessor; and
  • insulting the show's audience (a bloke who admitted to having bought the latest Honda Civic Type R).
Anyway we'd better go off and do some stuff, there is plenty of stuff to be done. Tomorrow we do a bit of a trek into the Central Highlands, haven't been out there for a while.

Tell you about it when I get back if there's anything of any interest to tell.


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