27 July 2008

a place in the sun

It's a placemarker post, as the pooter at Chateau VVB gets packed up - yes, right after these words - and will, ceteris paribus, be unpacked and unleashed at VVB-by-the-sea sometime later this week.

And as we have to negoitate a new contract for broadbandery, maybe a couple of days after that. It depends on who is around to do it, whether they have time and how access stacks up priority-wise to everything else that will need attending to.

Cripes, you accumulate a lot of shit over the years. And it's so hard to say goodbye.

But goodbye Chateau VVB, you have been our home for longer than either of us ever had a home before. We loved you (the exposed brick, the beams in the cathedral ceilings, the delightful new spots around every corner, the ups and downs, the convenience to shops and what-all, the views of the incoming storms, the fireplace on a winter night) and hated you (the leaves, the fucking leaves, in the pool, all over the roof, everywhere, the fact that you were not a low maintenance house, the bloody leaves).

VVB-by-the-sea, here we come.

A tout a l'heure, mes petits.


That's So Pants said...

Bon Voyage Phil

Hopefully, I won't be far behind. I just need to work out which way is south or east or south-east or whatever. Come to think of it, I may be some time.



phil said...


I wouldn't be going east from where you are, Pants.

Unless you got your floaties.

thanks for your kind thoughts


mei ultra vires said...

What about the termites???? Got to love the termites!!!

Good luck with down sizing your collected sh-stuff.

We've had a "clear out the clutter moment".

We hired a skip with the intention of doing a ten percent clean out - bad idea - the neighbour convinced himself we were leaving (we're not) and started a boundary dispute. Shit! So not good - and Dividing Fences Act? So not helpful.

Anonymous said...


Just a message as i know that i've arrived safely. Figured if nothing else, you will check your blog!


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