03 March 2009

free the people

An article in which you can read:

"claiming that to actually let us know what was going on would set a dangerous
precedent that would harm good government."

"They snivel and lie and duck questions on torture - on torture, for Christ's
sake - while demanding we respect their authority."

"Consequently the police are preparing for a "summer of rage"'.
and in the comments you can read:

"Last election I spoilt my ballot with glitter, a drawing of Margaret Thatcher being eaten by a llama and and a glued on photo of a duck I cut out of a newspaper."
Only if you want to.

Hey, that reminds me..

"Shake your head and rattle your brains
Make you act just a bit insane
Give you all the psychic energy you need
eat flowers
and kiss babies
...for you and meeeeeeeee.

Well, if you like apocalyptic stuff and want to read something and go "oh yes" to yourself about a zillion times, all the while thinking "this is a bit over the top" and "bloody extremists" and "far too much exaggeration" while simultaneously, the other side of your head is thinking "hmm, actually it's not too far of the money, at least in the UK, and we'll be that way soon."

If you can keep all these thoughts contained in your head and it doesn't explode, or maybe just a teensy bit, you'll be a citizen consumer, my son.

Except for the money bit, which one needs to consume.

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