02 January 2006

..and home brewing

Really pays to think ahead when designing these things.

About the brewing...I've been doing it for a year. The first couple of batches worked according to Hoyle, but every batch since then has seemingly failed to ferment, in that there were no tell-tale bubbles in the air trap. I restarted the third batch and it turned out OK. Tried that again on batch 4, but while it seemed to bottle OK it's pretty flat. But drinkable, it's simply a very obvious home brew. Batch five I have yet to test.

I had brewed up a fair bit in anticipation of the son and heir (ha ha...but that's a story for another day) joining us over Christmas. He decided not to, so I have a stack to get through over the rest of summer. It's a dirty job...


Anonymous said...

Phil re home brewing, we have been considering purchasing a home brew kit for a long time. Neither of us really enjoy beer (very strange with Drew graduating from engineering - one would think beer drinking would be a prerequisite) but have been wanting a brew kit for cider. We don't really know much about home brewing at all - any recommendations on what kit you would purchase or where would be a good starting point? We don't mind Witbier so would consider brewing that along with batches of cider.

On another, slighly related topic, I bought Drew a 9L American Oak port barrel for Christmas. The Cooper recommended a good starting base was Morris Cask Tawny Port which we have filled to the tune of 8L. It will be interesting to see how new liquors, spirits or ports will change the flavour and help mature the port. Will keep you posted and give you a few samples to try... if you are game.

phil said...

hey Chels

First comment! You can be my special friend:-)

Marg bought the kit at the homebrew place on Gympie Rd at Kedron - the lady there is very helpful. When I learn how to do it I'll be able to insert the URL right **here**. There's a homebrew place just down the road from us here in the leafy western suburbs. You will be able to use the kits for cider.

Count me in to try the port. I am a ***big*** fan of port.

Anonymous said...

Yep...it's Phil H at his best. Starts the year with references to alcohol (port none the less) and fast cars. Well...that's why we loves ya!

tomic said...

Fear not father. I'll be there come April. At which time I will happily consume said large stash of home brew.

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