28 January 2006

we need someone to blame

I see several letters to the editor today talking about attendees at the Big Day Out, wrapped in the Aussie flag and using it to barge patriotically into queues or making other concertgoers kiss said flag: if they didn't, they got a punch in the head.

This is nasty, jingoistic nationalism folks. That genie is out of the bottle. Better start getting those flags up in your front yards before the thought police come around.

On the other hand, we could just find someone to blame.

I nominate John Howard. No surprises there. He would "never condemn someone for being proud of the Australian flag". More carefully crafted weaselly dog-whistling words. What a leader. What a man.


Anonymous said...

He also refuses to make it illegal for whinging protesters to burn it and spit on it. What a prick.

phil said...

you're right. he could be onto something. maybe I misunderestimated him.

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